Motivation Went Missing!



Motivation Went Missing!

Have you ever experienced lack of motivation? To do even the things that could potentially change your situation or your life? Well I have … for the last 2 and a half weeks and my blog bore the brunt of it!

Then I ran across this headline for one of the emails in my inbox:

Why Relying on Motivation Alone Sucks!’ by Brittany Lynch.

I knew the article was absolutely tailor-made for me especially when I read the 1st paragraph:

Let me ask you a question – have you ever set yourself a goal and at the time of
setting that goal, felt like nothing in the world was going to hold you back from
accomplishing it? Maybe it was losing 20 pounds, or making money on the Internet?

The day you set that goal you probably feel really motivated, maybe you exercise
45 minutes that day or start to build a website, and then the next day you’re back
at it still feeling pretty good…but slowly somehow day by day you start skipping
days, you don’t end up exercising, you put it off until tomorrow…and then you wake
up months later and realize that you haven’t worked towards that goal in over a
month? Sh*t!.. I guess tomorrow never came.

The good thing about the article is that provides an escape hatch from this malady! Ms. Lynch reminds me to:

Lower my mental expectations; lower my ability and tell myself “Okay I don’t need to run for 45 minutes today, just start by doing the first task which is put on my running shoes.” Then I should tell myself that all I have to do today is run for 10 minutes, JUST 10 minutes!

Apparently the mind relaxes as soon as the ability is reduced and the guilt that comes with the thought of skipping a day working towards a goal melts away – because at least I am doing SOMETHING and something is always better than nothing.

Does that make sense to you? Makes sense to me AND I feel better just knowing it!

She goes on to say that we have to go with our body’s natural motivation waves and that we can’t be highly motivated at all times.

That’s why adjusting our ability to match the peaks and lows of our motivation will result in our getting a lot more done as the time progresses AND…

Our reliance on motivation alone will lessen in a very natural way.

So, lesson learned… THUS this blog post.

Are you in a ‘funk’ today? Does not seeing the results you want get you down? Lower your ability and DO one small thing!

STOP relying on motivation alone as a driver…

… Instead work with your motivation by understanding that it does have its highs and lows!


Women Entrepreneurs - A Source of Inspiration

Women Entrepreneurs – A Source of Inspiration

Last Tuesday, I met up with 3 ladies introduced by a mutual friend who requested that I share some marketing advice for their businesses.

It was a great meeting and these women certainly needed some guidance, BUT …

Unknowingly they also ended up giving me inspiration with the COURAGE that they demonstrated.

Business woman # 1 gave up a promising future in health care to be a photographer..

Business woman # 2 has been unemployed for 3 YEARS but is pursuing a home-based business..

Business woman #3 appears to be stuck and unable to move forward with her very interesting business venture

I know how it feels to be in their shoes because I have walked the paths they are on – gave up a lucrative career, no regular paycheck for the last xxx years and until recently was experiencing ‘fits and starts’ with my business.

The frankness with which they talked about their situations was very touching – it takes great courage to admit perceived weaknesses, mistakes and failures …. to a stranger!!

What happens in these types of situations is amazing! Inspiration sets in and we find ourselves giving words of wisdom and advice that seem to come out of nowhere. I walked out of the meeting floating on air because I felt I had made a difference albeit a small one…

Women are remarkable creatures…

AND women entrepreneurs are simply an incredible source of inspiration.

In spite of their circumstances these 3 ladies were full of enthusiasm and excitement and it was obvious to everyone… including the waiter who kept hovering over us.

Their energy was contagious.

I went into the meeting to help BUT in fact I found help… Now I TRULY know why I do what I do.

Thank you Ladies for the Inspiration…

I wish you all the best in your endeavors. :)

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Customer Service, Is it Necessary?


Customer Service, Is it Necessary?

Customer Service

Today was one big opportunity for me to do customer serviceinvoluntarily!

Last Thursday I helped an insurance broker colleague sign up the employees of a company that is owned by a friend. They were enrolling for health insurance which required paperwork – lots of it.

The next day I received notification that some paper work were missing and so the calls and e-mails to my business woman friend began. After being deluged with requests for the missing documents over the week end when she happened to be out of town, she finally lost her cool and let my Broker colleague have it when she got back. :(

When my insurance broker colleague called me about the incident, I strongly suggested that we take a proactive tact and stop contacting the business owner. I volunteered to go back and get the signatures that were missing even though it isn’t my responsibility.

I wanted my business woman friend to know that my insurance broker colleague provides excellent customer service.

The entire day was spent driving around finding people for the signatures BUT…

It felt good to be of assistance and provide customer service because in the process other employees got to ask me questions and appeared to be more at ease with their coverage after talking about them.

With technology and outsourcing, out-of-the-ordinary customer service has been fading…

… so consumers are hungry for it. Is it a part of your company? Your culture?

Make exceptional customer service a part of your daily operations and watch your business GROW!!!


Reputation Marketing VS. Reputation Management

Reputation Marketing VS. Reputation Management

How do most customers decide which company to buy from? Yes, they ask their family and friends BUT…

More often than not, they look for reviews online! What does that mean for you as a business owner?

Your reviews need to:

  1. Be visible
  2. Be positive

If you are attempting to simply respond to bad reviews as they show up, you are doing reputation management which might help – to repair your reputation

BUT if you want to truly LEVERAGE the power of reviews to grow your business you must:

  1. Consistently collect reviews from your clients
  2. Make them visible online AND offline
  3. Monitor the reviews

This is called – Reputation Marketing!

Why is this important?

Reputation Marketing VS. Reputation Management

According to and others (see slide) “7o% of consumers Trust a Business with a Minimum of 6 to 10 Reviews” – what that means is if your business does not have six 5 Star Reviews your business isn’t TRUSTED.

Do people buy from businesses they don’t trust? Would you?

Are you marketing your reputation OR are you simply managing it?

If you are looking to grow your business to become a market leader, Reputation Marketing is something you cannot bypass! Need help?

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Google Loves and Recommends Mobile Responsive Website

What is a mobile responsive website?

A mobile responsive website is one that is configured to have a ‘mobile AKA smart phone version’, a ‘tablet version’ or any other ‘screen size version’. What this means is that all versions share the same URL thus avoiding the old practice of building a separate mobile site and attaching it as a sub domain.

Typical Example:

Regular Website =

Mobile Website = or

In the above example, the mobile version has a different URL which is a sub domain. Google’s recommendation is that the mobile version be on the EXACT same set of URLs as the regular website.

Google’s Recommended URL for mobile versions:

Regular Website =

Mobile Website =

Why does Google recommend a mobile responsive website?

The advantages of using responsive web design include:

  • The single URL contains both desktop and mobile content thus making it easier for users to interact, share and link to.
  • It makes it easier for Google’s algorithms to assign the indexing properties to the content.
  • It helps Google discover the content more efficiently since they do not need to use a different Googlebot to crawl a page to retrieve and index all the content.

Why should a webmaster or a website owner pay attention to Google’s recommendation?

Because Google is the biggest lead generator and if you want to use it to market your business then…

To learn more go to: As published by Google on June 6th, 2012,

View the following mobile responsive design examples and resize the window to watch the design change as per the screen size.

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